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See what customers say about our Charcoal Grills:   Customer Feedback

The model 2436XL or  2454XL Steak / Fajita bbq grills - the ultimate charcoal grill.  A charcoal bbq grill with a double walled firebox.  A charcoal barbecue grill having the right, left, and rear side walls with a one inch air space in between two steel plates.  Independent charcoal racks can be placed on any of three separate levels of the charcoal grill .  A full length slide out ash pan. Tejas Smokers is offering a charcoal barbecue grill which can be used as a steak bbq grill, fajita grill, or even as a smoker pit .  The Tejas Smokers BBQ Grill series is impressive ... with a brushed stainless steel fold out shelf. Air cooled stainless steel spring handles that stay cool to the touch...simply barbecue grill heaven. 
 Model 2436XL               

                                                          barbecue grills  Click Here - For more2436XL charcoal bbq grill pics and Pricing

model 2436XL barbecue grill                                         



 Model 2454XL    ...if you need even a larger cooking:

barbecue grill model 2454XLchicken stand and rib rack on model 2454XL barbecue grillCooking grate of model 2454XL fish fryer on end of model 2454XL bbq grillcharcoal racks of model 2454XL bbq grill2454XL barbecue grill charcoal racks at different levels

 -Length  -> 59 1/2" with side tray folded down, 69 1/2" with tray up
-> 29" front to rear
 -Height: -> 44 1/2" with top lid closed, Cooking Height  -> 32"
 -Weight -> 382 pounds, Crated weight as 500 pounds (special lower rate), Domestic crate dimensions:  69"L x 45"D x 54"H

 BBQ Grill Cooking Grate Surface ->  20 1/4" x 48 1/2"

 2454XL barbecue grill   $1495.00  With 50% more grilling area!


Purchase price includes custom crating suitable for safe shipping by truck. Shipping on bbq smoker pits and bbq grills from Houston Texas must be added in addition to the purchase price.

Request a freight quote for your bbq pit smoker or bbq grill prior to ordering:  Freight Quote Request.  After we have either emailed you or given you a freight quote over the telephone then enter the quoted amount in the box below and click the button:


 █  Special Offer:  When you first purchase a Tejas Smoker Pit or Grill you have the option of purchasing Charcoal Grate Forks, Fire Pokers, or 14" Poppa's Hooks at $10.00 each.  The regular price of a #1510 Charcoal Grate Fork is $16.95.  The regular price of a #1512 Fire Poker is $16.95.  The regular price of a Left Hand or Right Hand 14" Poppa's Hook is $21.95.  There is no limit to the number of these you can purchase but they must be shipped with the pit or grill.  In order to receive your special discount, do NOT place these items in your shopping cart.  You must either call us (713 222 0077) or request this in the COMMENTS section during the online checkout process when you place your pit or grill order.  █ 

   charcoal grate fork  fire poker  14" Left Hand and Right Hand Poppa's Hooks

The model 2436XL or 2454XL charcoal grills are both available with heavier duty 5 inch swivel and fixed wheels for $140.00

Tejas Steak and Fajita Charcoal BBQ Grill  -  Now in TWO sizes

Charcoal Grill Standard Features:

  • full-size direct heat bbq grill
  • barbecue grill cooking grate is framed and has handles
  • barbecue grill has two or three independent charcoal racks
  • two or three adjustable smoke dampers on lid of charcoal grill
  • barbecue grill 12" high top lid with height enough for anything!
  • removable firebox front doors  ( below the bbq grill )
  • barbecue grill double-walled firebox on three sides (right, left, and rear side walls have a 1" air space between two 14 gauge steel plates)
  • full sized ash pans at bottom of charcoal grill firebox
  • 3 1/2" swivel and fixed wheels
  • air cooled 302 stainless steel handle on lid to the bbq grill surface
  • custom cleaning tool/ash rake for charcoal barbecue grill firebox
  • edges of bbq grill are trimmed with stainless steel
  • coupling adapter accepts swivel sauce bowl
  • charcoal grill will accept a log lighter pipe
  • temperature gauge receptacles for optional temperature gauge(s)

We don't cut corners on quality!  Tejas Charcoal Grills

barbecue grills    Barbecue Grill Accessories

2436XL Barbecue Grill and 2454XL Barbecue Grill


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