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Tejas bbq smoker pits are built to last.  We build them with great attention to detail. The model 1628 bbq pit smoker does not leak smoke because the doors and lids seal tight. Tejas bbq smoker pits are a pleasure to cook on. You can concentrate on COOKING, not messing with the bbq pit to keep it at temperature.

Model 1628 - our smallest bbq pit smoker (shown with optional stainless steel front shelf cover)
bbq pit 1628

Model 1628 bbq pit smoker


This Pit is Now in Stock!



Model 1628 bbq pit

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Dimensions of the model 1628 bbq smoker pit:
-Cooking Areas (15" x 27.5" in barrel center grate of bbq pit,  10" x 24" on lower removable rack in barrel,  15" x 18" on bbq pit smoker firebox grill rack)
-Length 54" of entire bbq pit smoker
-Depth 18" front to rear of bbq pit smoker
-Height 54" with smokestack installed on bbq pit ( 42" without smokestack on the bbq pit smoker)    

Wood storage rack below barrel of the bbq pit smoker -  16" x 28".  Height above center cooking grate in barrel -  8".   Distance between removable lower rack in barrel to center cooking grate - 6".  Capacity of water reservoir ~4 gallons.   Firebox: 16"w x 18"d x 16"h. 

Weight - 315 pounds, Crated weight - 500 pounds (special rate) When comparing this model to competitive units compare the weights and compare what you get as standard equipment.

Domestic crate dimensions:  64"L x 28"D x 45"H

Purchase price includes custom crating suitable for safe shipping by truck. Shipping on bbq smoker pits and bbq grills from Houston Texas must be added in addition to the purchase price.

Request a freight quote for your bbq pit smoker or bbq grill prior to ordering:  Freight Quote Request.  After we have either emailed you or given you a freight quote over the telephone then enter the quoted amount in the box below and click the button:


Standard Features

  • cooking barrel of the bbq pit smoker measures 16" x 28"
  • FOLDING front table - 12"d x 24"w
  • 4 accessory hooks on folding front table of the bbq pit smoker
  • air cooled stainless steel spring handles on firebox door and  2 lids
  • removable center cooking grate in barrel of bbq pit smoker
  • lower framed cooking grate in barrel of bbq smoker pits
  • chimney rain cap cover at left end of bbq pit smoker
  • adjustable air intake on bbq pit smoker firebox door
  • top grill in the bbq pit smoker firebox
  • smoker pit uses standard 14"-16" logs
  • water reservoir (~4 gallon capacity) at bottom of the barrel of bbq pit smoker
  • 1/4" thick plate steel firebox
  • 1 1/4" grease & water drain with cap at left end of barrel of the bbq pit smoker
  • heat-deflector 45 angled baffle between the firebox and the barrel
  • port (with 1/2 NPT plug) for gas assist/log lighter below wood rack in the firebox
  • ash pan rake/cleaning tool for cleaning the bbq pit smoker
  • stainless steel temperature gauge
  • full sized ash pan for firebox

Shown with Optional Accessories

Other Options Available

  • cast iron fish fryer
  • firebox griddle and lid insulator for the top position of the firebox of the bbq pit smoker
  • gas assist/log lighter assembly
  • swivel sauce bowl
  • custom vinyl cover for entire bbq pit smoker
  • stainless steel shelf cover
  • brass drain valve

This bbq pit is the perfect size offset firebox bbq pit smoker cooking for six to eight people. Folks that know what they are doing can produce good bbq on ANY kind of barbecue pit ... the difference is: "How EASY is it to do?"  If you have to constant tend the fire to keep the temperature from wandering all over the place then it is not much fun.  Tejas Smoker bbq pits hold temperature and that makes ALL the difference. Tejas Smokers bbq pits, Houston , Texas !

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